“CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap”

“CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap” will premier on April 19, 2015 at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC. There will be additional showings throughout the week at the festival. Checkout the new trailer: http://www.codedoc.co/

The deficit of female and minority computer science engineers in America is a mounting gender, racial and economic issue. Tech jobs are growing three times faster than our colleges are producing computer science graduates. By 2020, there will be one million unfilled software engineering jobs in the USA. Companies are now faced with a serious pipeline problem when it comes to women. In 1984 the percentage of BS CS degrees going to women had reached 37%. Alarmingly the percentage of BS CS degrees today has dropped to close to 13%. This decline brings with it the return of discrimination issues that I used to think were behind us.

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